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Monday, January 6, 2014

What is a living roof? (guest post)

A living roof refers to one that has been covered either partially or wholly with foliage such as grass beds, flowers and shrubs. Although not a new concept to many parts of the world, living roofs is still a fairly new concept in the Unities States. Nevertheless, the popularity of green roofs has been growing steadily as word of its aesthetic and environmental benefits become more known. Below are just a few of the benefits of implementing a living roof.

The Environmental Benefits of Living Roofs:

      Provides habitat: Living roofs offer quality habitat for neighboring insects and animals, this is especially beneficial in urban environments and city buildings where habitat is scarce.
      Reduces energy usage: The layer of insulation that a green roof provides serves as a natural barrier. This insulation helps reduce your use of energy by keeping the building warm in the colder months and cool in the colder ones.
      Cleans the air: Living roofs help keep the air clean of pollutants and chemicals by releasing oxygen and absorbing toxins.
      Improves drainage: Green roofs improve drainage by filtering rainwater
      Improves curb appeal: A roof dressed with an abundance of greenery and budding flowers is one to awe at. Implementing a green roof will improve curb appeal and enhance the value of your home or office.

How to Implement a Living Roof:

      Professional assessment: To successfully implement a living roof you will need a roof assessment from a professional. The green roof expert will determine if your roof is structured and durable enough for a living roof then a layer of protective rubber will be placed on top.
      Select your foliage: You want to choose greens that do not weed continually, your foliage should be attractive to butterflies, birds and bees.
      Maintain: Much like your grounded landscapes, your living roof will need routine maintenance to stay healthy, beautiful and strong. If you have the means to afford a professional landscaper, do so, if not, your roof should be easy to access for quality maintenance.

Living roofs can be added to both commercial and residential buildings. In our world filled with so much chemicals and toxins, implementing a living roof is a simple way to reverse some of the damage we've helped to create.

About author: Roechelle Adair is a certified Green living coach as well as a small business owner. You can find her offering handmade Eco friendly gift items and promoting sustainable living at Hug a Tree with Me. 

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