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Monday, January 20, 2014

Working with your favorite brands through #Markerly blogging network

Our Daily Green was founded in 2009 with a simple premise. Our first post stated:
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Living green also helps keep more green in your wallet. In economically tough times, any tip that conserves dollars as well as our environment is welcomed. This blog will offer tips to live better for both our planet and your wallet. Welcome to 2009, where Green is the new Black. 
That philosophy has served this blog well as we've grown our audience and been able to review more useful, money saving, and good for the planet products. After several years of growing a loyal following of readers, in 2013, Our Daily Green was invited to join a fantastic blogging network, Markerly.

Writing this blog is a labor of love and passion, but that doesn't necessarily pay the bills. Part of the measure of success is to find something you love doing and get paid to do that. It's a wonderful feeling to share what you know with folks and be recognized for your expertise by sponsors who also want to reach an audience. We have proudly worked with several companies that have products we believe our readers will find interesting. The world of advertising has changed and intelligent consumers want real people with real opinions behind their campaigns. Blogging is one of the best ways to authenticate a real person has used a product.

Through our partnership with Markerly, Our Daily Green has been able to engage our readers through influence marketing opportunities. We've been able to bring exclusive discounts and contests to our readers. Markerly offers full-service blogger support is 24/7 and pays promptly, within 48 hours.

Markerly's attention to quality writers is a great way for brands to connect with the appropriate audience and an opportunity for bloggers to get paid for working with well-respected brands such as TruMoo, eMeals, Jaybird, and Invivo. For bloggers who love statistics and detail, Markerly offers heat maps of their entire post to analyze what is working and what readers are clicking on, which serves to improve their future posts.

Working with content sponsors has helped Our Daily Green continue to bring quality information to our readers as well as a supplemental income for doing something we love, sharing good information with interested readers.

If you're a blogger with a loyal following and engaged audience, Markerly's blogger network is ideal. Joining is free for bloggers and when you are chosen for your first campaign, you can join the ranks of influencer marketers in their highly authentic network of top bloggers.
disclosure: Our Daily Green has been compensated for this post. If you are interested in being compensated for your blogging and working with fantastic sponsors, we encourage you to join Markerly. 


CrystalGSB said...

I loath popup ads as they slow your computer down, come up when you are trying to click on something else, and find all sorts of other ways to annoy you. As soon as one comes up, I immediately find a way to get rid of the ad. I do not support the product that is being marketed to me. I do not like the ads online generally speaking because they hog up space on the pages I want to look at. However the lesser of the evils would be the ads on the side of the page that are not popping up and annoying me!!!

CrystalGSB said...

Sponsored content is a bit more friendly. Usually means it is supported in some way by the website hosting that ad. We have sponsors for our non-profit events and I give them due recognition for what they gave us. The old scratch my back and I'll scratch yours situation. But with that... I do try to not seek sponsorships from organizations I cannot support. I would never ask an abortion clinic to sponsor something in return for them getting ad space. I know that example may be a bit extreme but it gets the point across.

FreshGreen Kim said...

Crystal, I couldn't agree more with you. That actually is why I like doing sponsored posts. I disclose that I've been paid, and I get to write about things that interest me, and hopefully my readers. So while in a way, this particular post (as well as others of mine) are advertisements, they still give the reader a choice.

Amber Beall said...

Sponsored Content!

Anonymous said...

Pop-ups do not necessarily bother me, I just find them less credible.

Gaele said...

the whole thing makes me cringe. But... pop ups - get you instantly blocked. They scream "scam alert" to me. I only pay attention to sponsored articles and items that are from people I already have a relationship with - whether that be friendship or information shared that helped/informed me somehow. I completely get the 'why'...I just want to find a way that doesn't make my tummy ache when I contemplate doing it myself.

Eric Broz said...

A majority people view web pages with mobile devices or smarter browsers that prevent pop-ups. I prefer sponsored content. so at least I know someone's trying to sell me something. Then again, not all sponsored content is all that geared towards supporting the sponsor.

Sue Tetlak said...

Ads in general tick me off, because they are EVEYWHERE now. I am sick of being pandered to. If I HAD to pick between the too, though, I much prefer Sponsored Content over Pop Ups. A sponsored content ad has the chance of drawing me in, a pop up only makes me angry and immediatelly get blocked and ignored.

Vicki said...

I far prefer sponsored content...I personally find pop ups too distracting.