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Friday, July 25, 2014

Different types of outdoor lighting

Looking for a way to refresh your exterior design? Or maybe you're just tired of stumbling through the dark every time you get home late from work. Whatever your reasons for considering outdoor lighting, here are just six ways to illuminate your yard and breathe new life into your landscape.

1. Lampposts 
Guide your guests straight to your door by installing lampposts along your driveway or walkway. Not only will they prevent mishaps along the path, but they'll also provide a gentle ambiance when night falls and you turn them all on at once.
2. Tiki Torches
Tiki torches are great for the social animal who enjoys hosting barbeques, pool parties and other backyard celebrations. Torches will fit right in with grills and fire pits, and as a bonus, they can often be fueled with mosquito repellent to keep pests away.
3. Fairy Lights
Fairy lights can be strung everywhere from shrubs to patios, so don't hesitate to get a little creative when hanging them in your yard. Wrap them around tree trunks and deck railings. Use them to frame doors and windows. Hang them from branches and birdhouses.
4. Jars
More than just containers for jams and jellies, jars can hold candles or tiny battery-powered lights to give your garden a unique glow. Thick, wide-set jars can be placed on the ground or in bunches on a deck. Solar jars can be installed around the porch to catch the sun's rays and project them back at night.
5. Lanterns
"StreetLamps" by Jongleur100 
Add a little flair to your landscape when you hang lanterns from the trees. They're available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, so your aesthetic will depend entirely on personal preference. Chose from wrought-iron lanterns from the Victorian era or paper lanterns inspired by the East.
6. Tea Lights
If you're looking for outdoor lighting without a huge price tag, tea lights are the way to go. These small accent pieces can be bought in bulk and placed around your lawn, so line your gravel or illuminate your roses by sticking them wherever you'd like a little light.

If you're ready to make a statement with your exterior lighting, here are just six ways to jazz things up. Outdoor lights never go out of style, so don't be afraid to spend a little money to achieve your dream look!

Our Daily Green wants to thank today's sponsor and remind our readers that there are many eco-friendly options when choosing outdoor lighting, from solar lights to low wattage fixtures. 

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