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Sunday, July 13, 2014

When is a fish dinner not a fish dinner?

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Both meat eaters and vegetarians are starting to experience just how delicious fishless filets can be. With their various health benefits, spot-on imitation taste, and the many ways to properly prepare them, faux fish filets are flying off the shelves in many grocery stores.

Why Go Fishless? 

Many vegans and carnivores alike love the taste of fresh fish and chips, but sometimes the risk factors of consuming too much fish can be dangerous. A great deal of fish species, such as shark, swordfish, or king mackerel, contains high amounts of mercury, which can be dangerous to the nervous system of their consumer. Fish can also have other contaminants found in their systems, such as PCBs and dioxins, which have been tied to the origination of several cancers and other reproductive problems.

Due to the high amount of mercury and other toxins found in fresh fish, some studies recommended that pregnant and nursing women, as well as small children, stay away from certain fish. Meat products that are heavy in metals, such as mercury, can damage a child or fetus’s nervous system. Uncooked fish, such as sushi, can be particularly dangerous to those susceptible to mercury poisoning.

With so many warnings, what is a fish lover to do?  Rather than give up the taste of a delicious fish, try using some of the wonderful faux fish filets that are available. These filets are incredibly versatile and are able to be prepared as you would any other non-vegan fish. With modern technology, faux fish is now able to properly imitate the flakey inside of a perfectly cooked fish with the crunchy coating on the inside.

Health Benefits of Faux Fish

One of the beneficial aspects of consuming fish is that it is high in DHA omega-3 fatty acids. Since these health-boosting chemicals are most commonly found in fish, it can sometimes be difficult for vegans and vegetarians to sufficiently partake in their daily amount. Luckily, many of the delicious faux fish substitutes are also emulating the healthy structure of the meat. While these fishless alternatives leave out the mercury and other toxins, it delivers a high amount of healthy acids while also continuing to be cholesterol free.

Just like most fake meats, faux fish is incredibly high in protein, which can help boost your energy level and create lean muscle mass.

Ways to Experience Your Tasty Vegan Fish Filets

There are many ways to enjoy your meatless fish filet. While you can easily incorporate the faux meat product into any of your favorite recipes, here are a few meal ideas to help get you started.

  • Try serving your breaded filet in a whole-wheat wrap with fresh vegetables and some vegan mayonnaise, horseradish sauce, or Dijon mustard. 
  • Create your own fish and chips at home with some vegan tartar sauce and a side of freshly baked French fries.
  • Fishless tacos are a quick and easy dinner idea for busy families. Serve up your fish in either a hard or soft taco shell with some lettuce, tomato, dairy-free cheese, and salsa to spice up your weeknight.

With so many delicious meatless options to choose from, substituting your favorite fish filet for a fishless alternative is both an easy and tasty way to enjoy the flavor while removing the dangers of enjoying your fish.

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