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Monday, October 27, 2014

Adventures in remodeling and working with vendors

Earlier this year, Mr. Daily Green and I decided to remodel our master bathroom. There were a couple of reasons for this decision. It started with damaged shower grout, that we knew was causing floor damage (we soon learned how significant indeed). But as we were gathering quotes to fix the shower, we realized that if we were going fix one thing, we should fix all of them. "As long as we were tearing things apart" was our rationale. Thus began our journey into remodeling. One of the first places we started was the online retailer Westside Wholesale. Their company stocks a variety of remodeling items at fair prices. We loved the way we could search for Made in the USA items on their site. Additionally, they have an Energy Saver search function that really helped us make wise choices.
Moen faucets
As a green minded person, I also had to trust our contractor not to throw out anything simply because we could no longer use it. In fact, we've arranged for Habitat for Humanity Re-Store to pick up our old vanity, mirror, shower doors and toilet, knowing that it could be useful for another homeowner. We also have set the scrap copper pipes aside for recycling.

We opted to upgrade from a single sink vanity to a double necessitating the need for new bathroom faucets. We were happy to learn that Westside Wholesale carried MOEN products, as they are not only a quality company, but they are Ohio-based. We love to shop local businesses and we're in Ohio, so it was a match made in heaven. Or at least local shopping bliss.

We chose the streamlined Moen Eva style faucet. Isn't it pretty? But truthfully, pretty wasn't my goal. My goal was a faucet that didn't have a lot of nooks and crannies of details that would be easy to wipe down and keep clean, as well as had built in water conserving features. This faucet is a WaterSense/Eco-Performance product. It features flow optimizing aerators to use less water but still offer excellent product performance.

Our Daily Green is honored to be able to work with Westside Wholesale. As a disclosure, they gave us a credit to choose our faucets for our project. The remodeling work is underway, and we look forward to reporting back about our experience with them. 

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