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Monday, October 27, 2014

Handling the bounty of Fall with #BallJars

As the gardening season winds down, Our Daily Green has grudgingly and slowly said goodbye to our fresh offerings from our garden. Over the past several years, however, we have rekindled a love of preserving our food for the winter, either via canning or freezing. For this reason, we contacted our friends at Ball canning jars to inquire about working together.

Much to our delight, they sent us a case of Ball Heritage Collection canning jars in our FAVORITE color, GREEN! These translucent limited edition green glass canning jars are inspired by vintage design and custom embossing.

As is a Fall tradition in the Daily Green home, we hold an annual clambake. This year, we were contemplating how what to do with all the extra broth but I knew that answer. The answer was to save the broth and can it for delicious soups, stews and broths over the winter.

It is important to understand the importance of preserving food in jars designed for canning. Commercially prepared food comes in a lower grade of glass that is more susceptible to shattering than Ball canning jars. The potential danger of shattered glass combined with boiling water and hot food is one to avoid. From their website:
Ball canning jars are expertly crafted with premium-quality seals that keep out air to preserve freshness, nutrition and flavor. Custom time-tested sealing compound ensures a full, tight seal. Coating under lid prevents natural food acids from reacting with lid. The trusted canning source for generations, these collectible green glass canning jars with lids are the perfect presentation for home-canned or home-baked gifts. Ball jars are crafted for quality -- sealed for freshness. Also ideal for dry storage or craft supplies. Side measurement markings include ounces and milliliters. Dishwasher-safe. Regular-mouth pint jars or wide-mouth quart jars. Made in the USA. 
In 1884, the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company in Buffalo, New York, started producing fruit and canning jars to help people preserve their garden-fresh produce. Today Ball canning products excel as the worldwide leader in home food preservation.

We really loved the vintage color of these spring green jars and thought they would also be beautiful for holiday gifts. Ball jars are not just for canning, but for attractive preservation for a multitude of gifts. From dry cookie or soup mixes in a jar to luminaries to sippy cups, a quick search of their Pinterest page will show you the hundreds of ways to purpose or repurpose your jars.

disclosure: We are so grateful for the Ball Heritage Collection. They offer limited edition colors each year, and we are thrilled this year's color was GREEN!  Our Daily Green received samples of Ball Jars in both quart and pint sizes. We have so many plans for our bounty and look forward to future collaborations with Ball. 

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