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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Radon detection in the home

Feeling tired or sick? You might have a radon problem.

Radon is a type of naturally occurring gas that can come from the soil outside your home, leaks in your home or even cracks in your foundation. As the soil in your lawn or garden releases large amounts of this gas, cracks in the foundation and windows and damage to other parts of your home allows the gas to enter your bedroom and other parts of your home.

Using kits at home

An easy and simple way to find out if you have radon gas in homes is with a leak detection kit. You can find these kits online and from some home improvement stores. Specifically designed to identify radon gas in homes, the kits can let you know if radon exists. The problem with these kits is that one will only tell you if you have radon gas in your home at that moment. Hiring a professional for an inspection is usually a better option. 

Why choose a professional inspection?

A professional inspection is the only way that you'll know if your home has radon inside, where that radon comes from and how much is in your home. Professionals can use tools and detectors that determine exactly where the radon comes from and how it got into your house. A professional can also tell you if mediation is necessary. When the radon levels keep rising, mediation lets you lower those levels and keep your family safe and healthy.

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