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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Things to consider when choosing diamond jewelry

When it comes to diamond jewelry, it's nice to know that a company is following some sort of standards and assurances that the diamonds are from socially responsible sources. In April 2003, The United States of America passed a law adopting the Kimberley Process, which requires all US diamond retailers to buy all their diamonds only from manufacturers who have documentation warranting that the diamonds were obtained through legitimate channels. Our Daily Green recently had a chance to review a piece of jewelry from Anjolee.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of shopping for diamond jewelry with Anjolee


Customization - you can customize your jewelry by gemstone, gold color, and carat size to create a piece that is exactly your taste. This is a great opportunity to choose a personal gift for your favorite graduate or wedding party as the season is coming into full force. Nothing says forever like quality jewelry. Additionally, at the time of shopping, you are able to order a replica of the jewelry in silver and CZ for a nominal fee.
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Commitment to the Environment - Anjolee utilizes a green manufacturing process when they make your jewelry. They recycle all materials and prevent any unnecessary toxic discharge to the environment.

Comprehensive online ordering and free shipping - ordering a custom piece of jewelry is convenient and time saving. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Elegant presentation - The ring I received for review is a replica of the Millgrain Edge Diamond Eternity Band set in sterling silver. It came in a lovely box with a built in LED light to showcase the jewelry.


The Kimberley Process - This regulatory system does not require individual diamonds to be traceable to their mine of origin.Governments often give Kimberley Process certification to diamonds with unknown histories – making it easy to smuggle banned diamonds into the certified supply. While this is not necessarily the fault of the jeweler purchasing the diamonds, neither should it be touted as a selling point. Fair-trade diamonds have a more traceable and ethical certification and have a more clear supply chain.

Price point - Anjolee sells high end jewelry and there is very little available to the consumer under $1000.  While Anjolee does a great job of providing video displays and detailed photos, it's difficult to make a purchase of such expense sight unseen, although the money-back guarantee is assuring.

Our Daily Green is happy to share this information with our readers. If you know exactly what you want in a piece of jewelry, shopping with Anjolee will save you many miles and hours of traveling to find the perfect piece. You can design it from the comfort of your own home and be wearing it within a week.

To see more of their pieces: find Anjolee: The Art of Jewelry on Facebook

Disclosure: In order for Our Daily Green to evaluate the company's products,  we received a silver and cubic zircon replica valued at $114.00 free of charge. All opinions shared are strictly my own. 

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