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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Five ways to keep animals from harming your lawn

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Taking good care of a lawn or yard makes your property both beautiful looking and inviting. The trouble is the property might end up being inviting to animals. Even those who love our four-legged friends do not want to see the creatures ruin a lawn. To keep such a disaster scenario from occurring, here are five tips to protecting a lawn or yard from animals.

  • Fence off a yard or lawn.

  • Putting a fence around the lawn or yard is going to make it a bit tough for animals to easily traverse on your property. While it is true that certain animals can jump or climb over the fence, not every beastie is going to be inclined to do so. If the animal smells rotting garbage (i.e. food) elsewhere, then walking past your fence to another home is going to be its plan. Of course, if the animal smells food on the other side of your fence, the barrier is not going to necessarily be all that effective. This brings us to the next point.

  • Rake the lawn of all debris that might attract animals.

  • Simply keeping a yard "mostly" clean and throwing away all garbage is really not advisable. A soda can that rolls out of the recycling bin and under a hedge has enough sugar inside of it to draw in curious animals. Those animals just might end up causing a lot of havoc and damage to the yard.
    As often as possible, get out your rake and clean up anything that might attract animals. Your furry neighbors cannot do damage to the lawn or yard if they choose to skip it and visit a debris strewn neighbor's place. You may even wish to get into the habit of disposing trash as far away from your property as possible. Again, give the creatures no incentive to visit.

  • Add a Repellent

  • To spray effective natural repellent products on the lawn is a humane way to keep animals at bay. The minute a domestic or wild animal comes across an unfamiliar scent, he/she probably is going to choose to stay far away from the property. Similarly, you do not want to add any scents to the lawn that draws these animals in.

  • Set up motion detector lights.

  • Yes, those same lights that are used to scare away burglars might prove to be effective in chasing away some animals. Perhaps a deer or a raccoon that wanders onto your property is going to be spooked the second a light turns on out of the blue. Animals are always fearful of predators, which is why they prefer to move at night and under the cover of darkness.
    The mysterious and unexpected appearance of a flashing light could lead an unwanted visitor to depart the scene. Honestly, you cannot rely exclusively on the lights to chase animals away just as you could not rely solely on them to chase away burglars.

  • Do not grow natural food sources.

  • Perform a little research into what type of plants and flowers are a major part of the diet of animals living in your area. Then, simply do not grow them. If such plants and flowers are on your lawn, perhaps it may be best to dig them up and offer a less inviting replacement.

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