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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Safe and all-natural solutions for bed bugs

It is understandable that the environment has become a major concern for a large percentage of the population. Companies are trying to come up with eco-friendly solutions for just about anything. This includes the pest control industry. Standard pesticides are not good for the environment. As a result of the concern about the harm that pesticides are doing to the world around us, there have been many companies that have developed pest control formulas that are made from all-natural substances. This means that they will kill the insects they are supposed to target, without harming the environment in the process. Here are some advantages to using pesticides that will not harm the environment.

1. Pets will be safe

One of the biggest fears of pet owners is that their pets will get sick from licking a surface that has been coated with a harmful pesticide. However, when a natural bed bug killer or other natural pesticide is used, it will not cause any harm to animals that might happen to ingest it. These pesticides are specially formulated to only harm the insects they are designed to kill, not any other animals.

2. Plants will not be harmed

Trees and gardens are often the victim of pesticides. These chemicals can cause a great deal of damage to fragile plant life. If you have a garden that you will be planting vegetables in, you do not want to be eating your vegetables after they have been covered with regular pesticides. If all-natural pesticides are used, these will allow plants to grow as they are supposed to. It will also not cause humans any harm, although you should always wash off any vegetable before you eat it.

3. More effective than traditional pesticides

It is no secret that many species of insects are developing a strong resistance to traditional pesticides. If the same types of chemicals are used repeatedly during the extermination process, it will become harder to kill these insects. This is why bio-insecticides are being used by both consumers and professional exterminators. Insects have not had time to develop a resistance to these all-natural products. This means that people will not have to spend a lot of money hiring exterminating services to come out to their house again and again because the insects have returned. Bio-insecticides are much more likely to eliminate an insect infestation once and for all when they are used.

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