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Thursday, October 21, 2010

YouTopia Green

One year ago, as part of a blog contest, my fellow greenie, Consciously Frugal gifted a Green America membership to me. Upon receipt of the membership and catalogue, it was thrilling to discover such a comprehensive list of socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible companies and businesses to support.

Our Daily Green is now a Green Affiliate. Green Affiliates empower e-activists to transform the world through economic power. Our mission is to dramatically ramp up online economic activity in support of green, fair trade, and socially responsible companies and causes. This low-cost, viral networking expands the reach of socially responsible companies and causes that may not have marketing budgets or staff.

Green Affiliates have been nominated in a contest sponsored by YouTopia to receive identity development services from Free Range Studios valued at $15,000. Free Range Studios is the brainchild behind Annie Leonard's wildly successful Story of Stuff as well as many of the most successful cause-based viral movies. As they celebrate their 11th year, watch a short movie about some of their previous work. With clients such as the Amnesty International, The Sierra Club, and The Humane Society, Free Range has the talent and resources to raise awareness to a new level.

Our Daily Green encourages our readers to go over to YouTopia and cast a ballot for The Green Affiliates. Help partner two fabulous organizations working to make tomorrow a better day.

Thank you for your support!

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