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Thursday, July 23, 2009

School Supply Green

WHAT? School Supplies? It's only July!!!

But every single advertisement is loaded with back to school sales. It's time to at least start thinking about it as the colorful circulars and displays fill our mailboxes and storefronts. One of the things I do at the end of every school year is set aside the unused supplies in a special area. The notebooks and folders, the boxes of crayons, the scissors. I make sure the lids on the glue bottles are secure and the caps on the markers tight. When we get our supply lists, I challenge the kids to see how many of the items they can *shop* for at home. Most of the time, it's over 50% of the lists. We have made it a personal goal to use what we already have, first.

Before you do any shopping this coming month, I want to share a video with you. Spend 20 minutes watching it with your family. It will impact you in a way that is certain to change your shopping habits, habits that will leave the earth and your bank account more green!

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