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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bright lights, less energy

In Our Daily Green's disclaimer, we state that we generally don't accept articles about light bulbs, thinking there just isn't anything left for us to say about them. We like them to be efficient, personally. Incandescents have not been banned (contrary to alarmist rhetoric), but instead have had to meet energy efficiency standards. In other words, we use the light bulbs of our choosing, perhaps as a political statement, or perhaps as a way to save money. But... unless we're reading with candle light or oil lamps, light bulbs are a necessity. And they occasionally burn out.

Dimmable LEDThis is where we mention the innovations in replacement light bulbs. We liken the CFL bulbs to lighting what cassette tapes were to music. A good bridge. The energy efficient choices are gravitating to LED bulbs. They don't have the curly cue bulbs, and they turn on immediately. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some of them can even be dimmed.

Light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs use semiconductor material instead of a filament, like traditional incandescent bulbs. They last much longer, burn more efficiently and stay cooler to the touch. While the upfront cost is higher, their efficiency, versatility and long life makes LED bulbs a smart buy.

So if you're searching for a replacement bulb of any sort, shape, size, wattage, or configuration of light bulb, it is still legal and available. Being a green blog, we encourage bulbs that use less watts in the LED or CFL family. If you're concerned about mercury, invest in the LED and don't worry about replacing a bulb for 20 some years.

And now... we think we've said everything there is to say about light bulbs. A special thank you to our sponsor for this opportunity. While we accept sponsored posts, all opinions expressed are our own and we only share information that we think is useful to our readers. Shine on. 

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