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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Digital coupon savings

One of Our Daily Green's sponsors is a coupon search widget found on the top of the left side of this blog. We've written many times about the importance of not just saving the planet, but also saving money while doing it. We've shared about coupon sites that donate to charity as well as how to find coupons for organic products. We found a fabulous infographic that reiterates our points about coupons.

Digital couponing is on the rise, and one of the easiest ways to search for discounts on items you already are purchasing. We strongly recommend searching for a coupon on any product before you pay. I keep a pile of  paper that is blank on one side next to my printer (old papers, school notices, etc.) and take a few minutes before every shopping trip to search for coupons for what I'm purchasing. For me, it's much easier than shuffling through files and folders of coupons to see if I have a coupon. Instead, I know before I shop.

Additionally, a lot of coupons are available electronically only, through a store's loyalty program. For example, if I log onto my regular grocery store's site, check the items I want to save on, when I use my store card, the coupon is automatically deducted without a single piece of paper.

Coupons aren't just for grocery stores, either. Nearly every retailer has discount codes or coupons available. Check. It's as simple as typing in the name of the retailer on the widget.

This may lead you to wonder why stores don't just lower prices. It's good business to rely on the percentage of folks who don't use coupons to raise the profits. It's up to us as consumers to be the consumer who does use them. I generally save around 5-10% depending on the items purchased. In this season of rampant consumerism, take a few moments to be a smarter consumer. Find the coupons first.

Digital Coupon Use Up 30.5%
by supermarketnews.Browse more infographics.
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