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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hurricane Relief Green

A few weeks ago, Our Daily Green received two plushbeds natural latex pillows to test for our blog. We received the pillows the same week Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. As we looked at our brand new pillows, we realized that it was more important to donate them to the folks who lost everything in the hurricane, since one of the items most requested was NEW (obviously not used for the germophobes everywhere!), pillows. 

As a result, we want to thank our sponsor for graciously agreeing to let us pass on reviewing the pillows and instead send them on a truck for hurricane relief.

We will use this opportunity to share a number of relief efforts that are still ongoing. The devastation a hurricane wreaks doesn't go away in a few weeks, but the effects are lingering. As of today, there are still folks without heat or power or homes. We encourage you to look into the different relief efforts, such as Goodwill,  The Salvation Army, or the Red Cross.

We also want to thank today's blog sponsor, Plush Beds.
Thank you for sharing your pillows, which are free with the purchase of a mattress. 

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