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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Fruit" snacks petition

In an effort to give kids healthier options and avoid candy, moms across the country sometimes opt for fruit snacks.  However, although these snacks are marketed to moms and kids, they are no healthier or safer than conventional candy. Fruit snacks come loaded with artificial dyes – chemical concoctions linked to children’s behavioral problems and even cancer!

To give families access to healthier options nationwide, we teamed up with superhero moms & health experts Erica Reid and Latham Thomas to petition Kellogg’s to take artificial dyes out of children’s fruit snacks.To learn more, watch  our video about why Erica and Latham decided to petition Kellogg’s to take out fake dyes.

We are only 4,513 signatures short of reaching our goal of 75,000! 

Help us get Kellogg’s attention by signing our petition. 
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