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Monday, June 24, 2013

First Energy offering Ohio residents energy conservation kits: enroll today

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(this article first appeared on my Examiner column)

First Energy is offering Ohio residential customers an array of energy conserving devices for the home, including nine compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), a smart strip/surge protector, a furnace filter whistle, and two LED night lights. The program began June 1, 2013 and will continue until 325,000 kits are mailed out. If demand exceeds the kits, First Energy will reevaluate the program to see if it needs to be continued.

There is no additional cost for these kits, although it has already been built into residential bills. These energy saving programs are already on the electric bills, at a cost of approximately 13-cents a month for 500 kilowatts of energy. Over a three year period, the additional cost is under $5.00.

These kits are part of First Energy's compliance with Ohio Senate Bill 221 which requires utility companies to reduce consumption.

The cost of these kits, as with the costs of all other mandated PUCO-approved residential energy efficiency programs, is paid for through a charge included in all residential customers' bills. Offering these kits is one part of our Ohio Energy Efficiency Program, which was approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. These programs are necessary to comply with state mandated energy efficiency requirements included in Ohio Senate Bill 221.

This program is available to Ohio residential customers of the Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison. To enroll, you will need either an invitation code (which would have been on an insert in your monthly bill) or your 12 digit account number, which can be found on the upper right hand corner of your electric bill.

To enroll: CLICK HERE

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