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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Green cleaning goes past the home

  • Green Cleaning in the Home and Wider Organizations: Just like charity, equality and many other issues, being green begins at home. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products is gaining popularity as we realize the potential dangers of using chemicals in our homes, not only to the environment but also to our well-being too. Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that could potentially harm our environment, including pesticides and bleach. While many have began to think about the cleaning products they use in their homes, how much have companies thought about their own cleaning?
  • Cleaning Outside of the Home: Think about the amount of cleaning that is done outside the home. Your office, for example, will get cleaned at least once a week, and the toilets more often. Hotels, hostels and hospitals clean their rooms and do tons of laundry every day. Lots of cleaning, using lots of chemicals, occurs all the time, and we don’t even think about it. It makes you feel that the world is very big, and what you do is very insignificant. However, though you might be a drop in the ocean, the ocean is made up entirely of drops. What you do in your home has an immediate effect on the environment and those around you, and has an indirect effect on the wider world.
  • Industrial Cleaning: Industrial cleaning has yet to really catch on to green cleaning products. Most industrial cleaning companies hold on to the view that ‘it doesn't work as well’, which, frankly, is simply not true. There are many great eco-friendly cleaning products that do the job to the same standard as any chemical, but it’s better for the environment and for people.
  • Cleaning Products: Green Kleen from AD Goddard, for instance, is an eco-friendly all purpose cleaner that can be used on everything from cars to floors. It is non-toxic, completely biodegradable and 100% water soluble. It has no fumes or odors and doesn't contain bleach or ammonia. Despite the fact that it doesn't contain chemicals it is effective at removing everything from oil and grease to soot. Their Eco Carpet Cleaner is made from all natural materials and will clean, remove stains and deodorizes all types of carpet in a single application. 
  • Green Cleaning Everywhere:  If you’re an industrial cleaning company, or you employ one, then make sure that you (and they) are being as green as possible. There are many ways to employ a green ethic in the industrial cleaning field, from the cleaning products and systems that you employ, to the policy on waste products. 

AD Goddard
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