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Friday, June 7, 2013

Simple home remedies for carpet stains

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One of the overriding concerns of homeowners with children and pets are the possible toxins used to keep their home clean. The flip side is that having children and pets in a home make it difficult to keep it clean.

Our Daily Green is always happy to share simple, non-toxic, and even theoretically edible solutions to cleaning our homes. Carpets are one of the problem areas in the home, but we have several home remedies right in your cabinet when something gets spilled on the carpet.

One of the best instant deodorizers and cleaners for a pet stain is simple white vinegar. Just douse the stain with vinegar, place a thick towel on the stain, set something heavy on it to absorb the moisture and leave it sit for about an hour. After the stain is absorbed, let the fiber dry and the odor is gone with the stain.

For greasy stains, believe it or not, cornmeal will absorb the stain and fluff the carpet so it's as good as new. Just sprinkle the cornmeal on the stain, give it an hour to absorb the grease and vacuum. Cornmeal can also be mixed with baking soda and sprinkled around the entire carpet as a deodorizer.

After a rough day of cleaning up after the pets and kids, imagine your horror when the glass of red wine you were drinking to relax spills on the carpet. Again, you've got a solution right in your pantry. Don't rub the stain, but instead cover it with salt. The salt will keep the stain from spreading. Let it dry and vacuum it up.

This will keep your carpets clean and stain free in between professional cleanings, while keeping toxic chemicals to a minimum.

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