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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Natural weed control for patios

Summer time means patio time. One of the popular choices for professional patio paving,  is System Pavers interlocking paving stones. These strong stones come in a variety of different shapes, styles and colors and can be selected to match the existing architectural style of the home or building exteriors to make a completed whole.

To enjoy the outdoors and have a smooth surface that endures all types of weather, homeowners choose patios by System Pavers. Designing the patio stones are available that will look amazing with the home or commercial setting where the patio is to be installed. Mediterranean, contemporary and old European styles of paving stones are manufactured by System Pavers. One or two colors that match the home's exterior can be selected for a solid color or two-toned patterns. The stones are chosen as functional patios for outdoor entertaining, quiet gardens and active use such as basketball practice.

patio paving
photo courtesy of: wikimedia commons
Regardless of the type of patio paving a homeowner chooses, they will still want to control the weeds. One of the most effective ways to kill weeds growing between the pavers is boiling water, which will kill all vegetation, without chemicals. The pavers are heat safe and will not crack and the weeds will be gone. Another method to remove weeds is a solution of vinegar and water, with a few drops of dish soap, which serves as a bonding agent, although vinegar works best on baby seedling plants, not established ones. A last solution is rubbing alcohol, used in the same way with a few drops of dish soap. It draws the water out of the plant causing it to dry up.

The shape of the terrain and the size of the area where the patio is going are significant elements. These factors help determine the shape of the patio and the pattern in which the stones are laid. The stones can be laid in uniformly strait lines or swirls, circles and other geometric patterns. Using the Patio Space owners can begin using their patio soon after all the planning, designing and installing is completed. Claiming the space means setting up the basketball hoop or putting out the outdoor furniture. Plants can take up residence in the planters instead of between the pavers. System Pavers helps make dream outdoor living spaces a reality.
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