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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Body Care Green

Last weekend, I had the thrill of meeting a local businesswoman at an art show. I've embraced organic and holistic living for most of my adult life, especially since becoming a parent. Our skin is the biggest organ on our body and whatever we put on it is absorbed into our entire body.

Over the course of a lifetime, reducing exposure to dangerous chemicals and additives is paramount. Heidi Goldberg, proprietor of Bodygoodies, is a natural skin care expert and licensed esthetician. She makes several handmade soaps in her local shop.

Bodygoodies soaps look good enough to eat, but they do a much better job cleaning the body. Heidi only uses natural ingredients that are safe for the body and natural oils that will not cause allergic reactions. The science of soap is her area of expertise. Each bar she sells has a complete explanation of the ingredients used and how they help the body. An information junkie like myself is in pure heaven. I couldn't possibly cover each item and how it is good for your skin, but her website is so detailed, you'll be able to choose a custom soap for your skin type. She provides a plethora of information and expertise.
She also sells small "pucks" of moisturizer that are made with the same care and respect for the body as the soaps. Bodygoodies packaging is minimal, a recycled paper card and a custom rubber band. The rubber bands are part of a frequent buyer promotion, save 10 rubber bands for a free bar of soap. One bar and you will be hooked.
I've written about the nationally recognized movement to encourage consumers to spend their money at local small businesses. The program, the 3/50 project, suggests instead of shopping a big box store, in the course of a month, choose three different local businesses and spend $50 there.

This is the pinnacle of responsible consumerism. Supporting a local business instead of a far flung corporation gives back to the community in many ways, besides just neighbors helping neighbors. I encourage you to learn what sort of businesses are in your own backyard and make a pledge to shop there next time you need to spend.

For those of you who wish that Bodygoodies was local for you, the great news is the online shop as well as availability at select Whole Foods.
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