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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dreaming of Sunshine Green

As much of the nation digs out from blizzards, snowstorms, and general winter woes, we find ourselves longing for sunny days, yard work, and cooking al fresco. There is nothing better on a warm evening than to inhale and know that someone in the neighborhood is grilling. Food always seems to taste better when cooked on a barbecue grill.

Americans will cook and consume three billion meals outdoors this year on 80 million grills. There certainly are health benefits to grilling food when compared to frying or smothering in fat laden sauces while grilled vegetables are sure to turn around even the most adamant veggie hater. Grilling is a healthy way to add flavor without calories to just about any food.

Many outdoor chefs swear by a charcoal grill but the environmental impact of lighter fluid and charcoal is staggering. Propane has about 1/3 the environmental carbon foot print as charcoal. Gas-burning stoves turn on and off quickly and users can efficiently control the amount of CO2 released into the air. Conversely, it is not as simple as turning a dial to start or stop a charcoal grill, keeping a continual flow of CO2, even when not cooking.

Electric or gas grills have the least environmental impact. Fire magic grills  are available in both electric or gas, depending on your preference. They are American made and come in a beautiful stainless steel finish.

Outdoor living is only a few months away. For true outdoor aficionados, a full kitchen is worth considering. Built in grills  create a memorable al fresco experience decorated by none other than Mother Nature. The birds will sing, the flowers will bloom and the grills will sizzle. I can almost taste the burger now. Before long this snow will melt and we will be enjoying our yards again.

This green moment brought to you courtesy of over 20 inches of snow and a severe case of cabin fever.

photo courtesy of: Amber Wallace Photography

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