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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Media Consumption Green

I've written in the past about what to do with old cassettes and records. There is a new company in town that I'm very excited to introduce to you. Glyde is a mail order DVD, CD, video and book exchange company.  The site has many online sales executives behind it with a winning formula for success. Glyde is brought to you by eCommerce veterans from eBay, AOL, and Excite. It's a chance to clear out your book and CD shelf and profit. They also have a charity program if you'd like to donate and receive a tax write off. What I really like about their company is that if you list something and it sells, they simply send you a prepaid envelope. You don't have to hassle with doing anything more than put the item in the envelope when it sells and drop it in the mailbox.

Forbes named Glyde one of the hottest 10 start up companies in 2009 and founder Simon Rothman told the New York Times ,
...his target market was people who had never sold items on the Internet because it was too difficult. “We want the middle-aged Midwestern soccer mom to easily be able to buy and sell her stuff,” he said. “It’s a pretty straightforward ambition.”
I'm truly impressed with what I consider a Greener than Green idea and I even set up my own account to sell some old books.
see my collection

Here is a coupon to get you started: $2 off your first purchase!, good until the 1st of March! Enter the code GLYDE2.

Save up to 90% on!

As a disclaimer, they are one of my advertising affiliates. If you decide to use this company, I will receive a small referral percentage. If my recommendations are successful, by the end of 2010, I will have my readers vote on a charity to receive a percentage of my percentage.


Kristine said...

I need to check this out! What a great idea!

John Ettorre said...

Very cool, Kim. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check them out.

Kim said...

Thank you Kristine and John. I think this company is really onto something. They hope to achieve a level of success like Netflix. And what writer doesn't have an ever rotating bookcase?