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Monday, February 22, 2010

"We Have a Winner" Green!

Last week, I sponsored a giveaway for American made, eco friendly toothbrush subscriptions from Preserve. Thank you to my three entrants, and since I don't want to have to choose, you're all winners! I am thrilled to introduce you to this product.

Faren , Babs, and my incomparable blog sister, I have selected you as winners of the toothbrush subscription. Just send your shipping info to kim  @ writeonenterprises.com (no spaces).

As a disclaimer, though I advertise on my page and attempt to generate income from my affiliates, I want to be clear that this is pure love of a company that is doing something good for the world motivating my giveaway. I receive no compensation or discounts for this promotion. To be perfectly honest, the net results of my advertising program to date are $.11 (eleven cents), based on my own purchasing.Clearly, I'm in this for principals, not money.

But since you mentioned it, I do want to plug one of my affiliates, because they really do have a solid idea, along with a $2.00 coupon code, GLYDE2, off any purchase! This is a great used book, CD, and video site.

Save up to 90% on glyde.com!
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