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Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding Cans Green

I read a story this morning about a couple who paid for their wedding by recycling aluminum cans. What a fabulous idea! I've written in the past about how recycling can not just make the earth greener, but your wallet, also.

Our local middle school has been saving cans to repave the track out of recycled tires and so far the students have raised over half the cost of repaving. They have a rally every year to gather cans from the community, ongoing collection bins and contests between the homerooms. The National Conference of Mayors awarded the students a $5000 grant for their efforts.

Here on Our Daily Green, I've invited my readers to start collecting juice bags and chip wrappers (and many other items) to raise funds via TerraCycle. It's not too late to sign up and enter the giveaway for $50 worth of goodies made from recycled wrappers and bags. The contest runs through July 5th, midnight, EST. Details are on the post I've linked here.

What are some ways you know earn money by recycling?
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