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Friday, July 16, 2010

Solar isn't just for Science Fairs Green

One of the favorite projects school kids make in science class is the famous "Solar Oven". My daughter baked a single cookie on her solar oven fashioned from a pizza box and tin foil. It was pretty high tech impressive. If a 5th grader can fashion a simple oven, imagine what a professional could do!

In the spirit of summer and taking advantage of all the sunshine, in addition to drying our laundry outside, we may want to consider solar cooking. While grilling is a popular summer activity, it leaves a rather high carbon footprint. Solar ovens are a way to take advantage of the warm weather without any footprint.

After the disaster in Haiti, several charities have donated solar kitchens as part of the Solar for Hope project, including Chef Jose Andres, who went to Haiti to man oversee the operation of 14 different solar kitchens. While solar cooking is a necessity in this part of the world, it's a novelty and fabulous experiment in sustainable living elsewhere.

Would you ever consider using solar power for cooking or ... what about recharging our gadgets? Or heating/cooling our homes? Outdoor lighting?

Does the bright power of sunshine inspire you past a child's science fair?

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