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Friday, July 30, 2010

Microlending Green

Last fall, I became familiar with microlending from a post by my blog-sistah, Consciously Frugal.

(if you don't follow her, get over there now and do so... she is a wealth of information with a snappy & humorous delivery... really, you'll thank me later!) Then come back here. Thanks! (oh and if you don't follow ME? why aren't you?)

This post has been picked up for syndication over on Your Olive Branch.org, a wonderful non profit forum to promote sustainable living and peace.

From their mission statement,

[YOBO is] building a community of people who love to communicate about what they are thinking about and doing to create the intersection of peace and sustainability—to bring those who are already making this effort together with those who don’t realize they are having a positive effect on peace and sustainability by eating local food, buying local products, planting trees, helping their neighbor, resolving conflicts, caring for others, and performing other actions and generating other ideas to make the world a better place. Peace is something we can accomplish one message, one article, one community event, one act of kindness, and one day at a time.
Our Daily Green is honored to be affiliated with YOBO and would be thrilled if you went and visited the forum. Thank you!

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