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Friday, July 9, 2010

Canning Green

Since I've begun this blog, I've posted assorted things about eating local, planting a garden and building a compost bin. I have not canned fruits or vegetables since I was a kid. Even then, I was a mere observer to the process, which was filled with warnings and old wives' tales. I grew up convinced that if I did something wrong, we were doomed to the curses of many generations, or at the very least food poisoning. I eschewed the risk in favor of frozen or prepackaged goods.

This year, I'm likely to have a bumper crop of tomatoes. In addition to the ones I planted, my volunteer crop has been especially generous, another reason I love composting my kitchen waste. It's like a lottery of surprise foods the following year. I have volunteer pumpkins and cucumbers, as well.

Until today, I figured I'd just make tomato sauce and freeze it for the winter. But courtesy of my fellow blog sister, with a much greater confidence than I posess, I may do some canning. She has put together what I consider an idiot proof simple, easy to follow guide for canning.
Thank you, Possum Hill Farms for removing the intimidation and inspiring confidence. Happy Canning!
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