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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friendly Friday Green

I cannot believe I missed a day of posting, but summertime has a way of taking a bit of our industrious productivity away, at least in this household. Gotta enjoy the sun while it shines!

Anyway, I have had the incredible honor and pleasure of getting to know some new green bloggers lately and I must share their wisdom and green adventures here, it's quite a community of fellow green jeans folks!

Michelle over at Green Earth Bazaar is a new friend and follower. She has a fabulous space over there, filled with musings, tips, DIY projects, and loads of green love. Her recipes make my mouth happy!

From Michelle, I discovered Peace, Love and Muesli a fabulous healthy eating blog. I cannot WAIT to try her deep fried beets! In fact, after reading her recipe last week, an hour later, I was at a flea market and bought a brand, new never been used deep fryer, simply for the opportunity to make the beets.

Christy over at Frugality and Crunchiness with Christy has another blog loaded with fabulous recipes. Watch for me to highlight one of her recipes in the very near future on Cooking With SuperFoods.

And finally, my friend Tracy over at ECOSiZE Me, a fellow TerraCycle Blogger. (In fact, she is running a giveaway now with some really cool TerraCycle goodies!) She blogs and has an environmental business that I think is absolutely brilliant. Her and her partner do Environmental Education programs at the school districts in her area. I love that she is helping children learn about loving our planet at a young age, so it's a natural behavior.

I encourage you to visit all these lovely green ladies and let them know I sent you! I'm in such good company, I want to share the joy!

Have a wonderful weekend!


FreshGreenKim said...

Stay tuned for more blog friends in coming weeks... there are just so many fabulous folks out there walking the walk, it really is quite a green community.

Tracy said...

You are the best Kim! Glad we are friends. Much mutual admiration for what you's inspiring and fun.

mstilley said...

Follow you from Green Follow Friday!

kiwimeg said...

Awesome post. You've introduced me to some fab new green folk, thank you :)

BTW I discovered you via Green Follow Friday!