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Monday, August 30, 2010

Washing Machine Green

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Did you ever wonder why the washing machines at laundromats are usually front loaders? Laundromats are in the money making business and a front loading washer saves both energy and money, giving the owner a higher profit. But front loaders aren't just for professional use.  They are a fabulous way to save money and water for the homeowner as well. A front loading washer can save up to $100 annually in reduced utility costs of both electricity and water.

Whirlpool Duet Sport HT : WFW8400TW 27in Front-Load Washer - WhiteA front loading washer works with gravity to move the clothes through the water, instead of a bulky agitator which takes up more room in the wash basin (less laundry in the load) as well as burns electricity to move the laundry around. Additionally, a top load washer must fill to the top with water to ensure the entire load gets clean, while a front loader pulls the water through the clothing instead of pulling the clothing into the water. Since gravity is working to wash the soiled laundry, a front loader is also more gentle on the fabric, helping clothing to last longer.

On average, a front loading washing machine uses over 30% less water than a top loading machine, about 28 gallons compared to 41 in a top loader. These numbers will vary according to brand, but the savings is significant. Additionally, there may also be local rebates available on the purchase of Energy Star appliances, such as sales tax exemptions or credits, or rebates on qualified products.

Water conservation may not get the same focused media attention as petroleum, but saving water is also something fairly easy the average consumer can begin doing immediately. Here is a list of 100 (and eleven!) Ways to Conserve Water.

How many ideas can you check off?
What ones were new to you?  

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