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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Local Staycation Green

For a variety of reasons, this was the first year Our Daily Green & family did not take a week long summer vacation. As August kicks off and back to school fliers appear daily, I must admit, I feel no deprivation but instead, relaxation about not going anywhere. No packing suitcases, filling the tank with obscene amounts of gasoline, no prepackaged convenience foods along the drive. All in all it was almost more rejuvenating to stay home than to go away.

Reflecting on the summer of staying home in no manner suggests we did nothing. In fact, part of the joy of staying home was having the time to look in our own backyard and enjoy our local pleasures. We had the opportunity to stop saying, "that looks like something fun to do someday", and actually get out there and experience it.

From the bicycle Tour of the Valley
We volunteered at a local festival of the arts and met several artists and craftspeople. They were kind enough to reward our time with discounted merchandise. We did several 5K runs for local charities and found ourselves joining the camaraderie (and or commiseration) of the local running club. We went kayaking at a local lake in a nearby metropolitan park and we hiked beautiful nature trails along the same lake and woods.  We attended parades and local sports events. We discovered new farmers' markets and farmers. We ate at new restaurants, mingled with local musicians and enjoyed the offerings our area has.

Such pleasures are not only found in large metropolitan areas. Our Daily Green is in a small town. We are in a sparsely populated area halfway between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near Youngstown, Ohio. If we can find so many wonderful things to do nearby, imagine what can be found in your own backyard.

Dear readers, here is your chance to showcase something fun to do near where you live. You're invited to include links in your reply.

What is your favorite thing to do close to your home?


JMN said...


I'm a new follower.

Would love for you to come and visit Going Green with Noah!


greenfldgardens said...

There are ALL WAYS fun things to do at Greenfield Gardens and surrounds...............