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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Greens Bar Green

good greens bars

Our Daily Green frequently encourages a healthy diet with as few processed foods as possible. We encourage organic eating and nutrient dense choices. But one of the challenges associated with encouraging that sort of eating is the convenience factor.

Our family is a busy one, with teenagers who are active in the arts as well as sports. Our door feels like a revolving one at times and taking time to get a healthy snack can seem overwhelming. We tried to stock our cabinets with granola bars and other sorts of seemingly healthy snacks (and tried to ignore the labels filled with processed non-organic ingredients), but honestly just chalked it up to our 80/20 rule of getting it right "most of the time".

A few weeks ago, a local company contacted us to review their Good Greens bars. We were excited to try them in theory, as they use USDA organic ingredients and are certified by the Natural Products Association. The ingredients were high in protein, probiotics, antioxidants and omega 3s, but the real test was whether they tasted good or not. Frankly, if something isn't tasty, it does not matter how healthy it is because it will not be a regular choice in a diet.
good greens flavors
Good Greens sent us 24 bars, four of every flavor; wildberry, chocolate chunk, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry and chocolate coconut.* Each member of our family had a different favorite. My personal favorite was the chocolate coconut (reminded me of my favorite candy bar, Mounds!), my oldest daughter loved the chocolate raspberry, and my younger one liked the chocolate peanut butter. We knew that we were eating a vegan, gluten free, organic snack that was 100% of our daily fruits and vegetables.

Good Greens has a fruit and vegetable blend in each bar that includes 52 highly nutritious foods including wheatgrass juice, seaweed, acai berry, green tea, rose hips, spinach, rice bran, and ground flax among the super ingredients. But we didn't tell the kids that, we just let them taste it. The response was unbelievably positive.

Good Greens is committed to improving health around the nation. Just this week, they partnered with The Ohio State University to promote healthier snacks on campus. Each welcome package for incoming freshmen will contain a free Good Greens bar and they will be stocked in campus vending machines and snack bars.
“We’re excited to be working with Good Greens to help promote this product to our students!” said Abby Hertzfeld, Associate Director of University Residences & Dining Services for Ohio State University. “The Good Greens Bars fall right in line with our mission to be the healthiest campus in the nation, and our Healthy Campus Initiative.”
If you're looking to stock your pantry with a healthy, convenient, and tasty snack, we highly recommend Good Greens bars. Good Greens are available at several stores and online, click here for a store locator.

*Disclaimer: Our Daily Green received Good Greens samples to review free of charge. We only review products that we think will be of interest to our readers and our reviews are our honest opinions.
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