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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the Love of Tomatoes!

Our Daily Green recently posted our 400th blog. (waiting for the applause to die down, with a self deprecating smile). As we reflect on some of our favorite topics over the past several years, a recurring topic is tomatoes, FreshGreenKim's favorite food, ever.

Oh I love tomatoes. I love love love them. I would eat them on a boat, in a moat, carrying a tote, or on a swimming pool float. It is usually an annual event for me to post about tomatoes in August, as that is the season. Today is no different, but with a twist.

Green Tomato Cake
Over the past year, I've become enamored not only with red tomatoes, but also green ones. I cannot believe I spent a lifetime ignoring green tomatoes. Last fall, in a desperate attempt to use up some unripened tomatoes, I found a great recipe for Green Tomato Cake, but I admit, I still was not convert. I wrote the article and sang the praises of green tomatoes, but as a novelty ingredient.

Then this summer, I visited the South. As in Low Country cooking... Savannah, Georgia South. Where green tomatoes are a staple. Green tomatoes as a dessert ingredient were reiterated in Chef Darin's 700 Kitchen cooking classes. He even knew where I found my recipe, when he asked during class if anyone had ever used green tomatoes in a dessert. There is a reason his class was recently named one of the TOP TEN cooking classes in the world by ABC news.
As a side note, I must take a moment to sing Chef Darin's praises. I contacted him prior to taking the class for local hints and tourist details. We exchanged a few emails and then when I arrived at the cooking class, he greeted me with a gracious Southern hug and welcome, like we were old friends. His class was hands on, he was approachable and humorous, and we learned quite a bit. Stay tuned for a bit more about what I learned from his classes in future blogs.
We dined at the historical Olde Pink House, where we joined the ranks of food celebrities like Aaron Sanchez who declared the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" to be their BLT Fried Green Tomato Salad.

Today, I only want to encourage Our Daily Green's readers to step outside their food comfort zone. Eat something that is healthy that you never tried. Food doesn't have to be unhealthy to taste good. Green tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, in fact, surprisingly higher than red ones! Our key to healthy eating is local, seasonal food. We encourage a moderate diet with varied ingredients. That includes bacon, (locally raised), fresh lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions. Enjoy local food in its bounty and celebrate the season.

In this case, green as in green tomatoes is our friend!

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