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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shoewear Green

AP - Fair Trade Fashion and Footwear
One of the most difficult consumer items to buy in a conscientious manner is shoes. A plethora of cheap shoes, made in unsafe conditions floods our market. But with some diligence, Our Daily Green has discovered a few companies trying to change that.

converse-style sneakersAutonomie Project is a new Fair Trade fashion company that offers casual sweatshop-free eco-friendly footwear, clothing and accessories. Their sneakers are nearly identical to the popular canvas sneakers, in a variety of colors. Our Mini Green has the red pair and while the look is the same, the shoe was made under socially responsible circumstances. It's a shoe not just with a sole, but from a company with a soul. Instead of "athletic" shoes, they are "ethletic", an athletic shoe with ethics.

petroleum free rubber boots
Autonomie Project selects only small, independent cooperatives and Fair Trade certified facilities located in developing areas of the world. Their shoes use organic cotton, all natural rubber, and other eco-friendly materials whenever possible to reduce the environmental impact.

Their workers earn a fair wage but still gives the consumers a competitively priced product. Their shoes and shirts are stylish and hip for today's consumer, and always vegan , always eco, and always sweatshop-free.

To learn more about Autonomie Project and their mission, read founder Anne O'Laughlin's extensive interview with Green America

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