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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Solar Necessity Green

A physics professor at University of California recently published a study on the United States energy use since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Tom Murphy analyzed all energy sources, from wood to nuclear, to fossil and sustainable sources, and showed a steady growth trajectory of 2.9% annually.

This analysis led him to realize that economic growth will not keep up with our energy consumption unless we start to begin to be more serious about sources such as solar energy panels. Professor Murphy personally has cut his home energy use by 80% through the use of solar panel, rain water collection and air drying clothing.

Solar panels are a simple investment to tap into energy that has an immeasurably endless supply. Solar panels integrate easily into existing electricity systems, negating the need for complicated retooling. Solar energy operates on the same system as current electrical companies.

The panels then direct the electricity into your existing meter box and at times the meter even goes backwards, as they generate more electricity than the home uses. Companies offer lease programs to offset the initial cost of panel installation. There are also a number of financial incentives and rebates for solar installation.

The time to choose solar is now and begin saving today, as well as into the future.

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