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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arizona Summer Flowers

For the Arizona gardener, the summer can be a difficult time to get anything to sprout.  The months of June, July, and August always experience high temperatures that rarely get less than 100 degrees.  Not only does the high heat affect plants growth, but the dryness of the air makes it a daunting task for any plant to break through the soil.  There is a list however, of plants that thrive in the harsh dry heat.  Many make for a great addition to your garden and require little work.  Here are some flowers to consider in your desert summer garden. 

bougainvilleas1)  Bougainvilleas flower:  This flower is a flower that has very vibrant colors during the intense summer season.  The flowers it produces range in color from bright pink, purple and white which make the flower stand out with as a very beautiful and ornamental plant.  The plant is drought tolerant and does not require very much water to thrive on.  The plant is thorny and must be treated with caution when clipping it and the sap is also known to cause rashes when exposed to the skin.

2)  Lantanas:  These flowers are of tropical decent; however they do very well in dry hot regions of the world including Australia.  The flowers of this plant are vibrant when it gets hot and include a mix of colors including red, orange, yellow, blue, and white.  As the plant matures, the flowers tend to change color and become more vibrant.  They require full sun and attract hummingbirds and bees.  It is a good idea to keep your eye on this plant though, as they are prone to becoming infested with pests. 

3)  The Vinca Rosea:  Also known as the catharanthus roseus or the Madagascar periwinkle is a very ornamental plant that is native to Madagascar.  During the hot summer, it has vibrant purple leaves that dwell in the sunlight.  This flower can grow in a pot, or in the desert ground.  The plant requires full sunlight in the summer time.  During the winter they will begin to yellow a little bit, but once the temperature comes back up, they begin to grow again and show off their purple leaves.     

Nerium Oleander 4)  Oleander:  The Nerium Oleander is a great summer plants that blossoms in Phoenix between the months of May and October.  They come in colors of red, pink, white, and purple and come in different sizes.  This is one of the best Arizona plants because it does not require much water, does require sun exposure, and grows best in sandy soil.  The only precaution is they are poisonous to children or animals if ingested.


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