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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The dangers of chlorine

A chlorine allergy is often difficult to diagnose because few people associate showering with an allergic reaction. However, while chlorine kills harmful bacteria in drinking water, it can also cause dry skin, eye irritation, sneezing, congestion and coughing. But even without a specific allergy, about 66% of a person's exposure to chlorine is not through drinking water, but through steam and skin absorption.

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Chlorine damages the moist tissues such as eyes, throat and lungs. There are several harmful effects of repeatedly showering with chlorinated water. It significantly reduces the natural moisture retention in your skin which ages the skin. Water that contains harsh chemicals can also cause breathing problems. When you inhale chlorinated water from showering regularly, you are inhaling chlorine gas that can eventually increase your risks of acquiring severe medical conditions.

Fortunately, there are products on the market that will filter and eliminate the chlorine and other harmful contaminants. A quality shower head filter will significantly reduce your chances of suffering detrimental side effects of contaminated shower water. Buy a shower head filter at, and you will eliminate chlorine and other contaminants that are found in unfiltered shower water. has been in business since 1978, and the company is committed to helping as many customers as possible equip their homes and offices with water filters, shower head filters and water softeners to promote healthy lifestyles as well as overall physical health of people. The shower head filters offered by particularly reduces up to 99% of chlorine in water and decrease the levels of lead and copper found in unfiltered water.

disclosure: Our Daily Green has been compensated for this post. Nonetheless, we have written previously about the effects of chlorine and highly recommend filters that remove chlorine from shower water. 

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