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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five ways to see if you have a water leak

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A water leak in the home can waste a significant amount of water, costing the homeowner money, not to mention the environmental cost of wasting water. According to the US Geological Survey, a faucet that drips once a minute, will waste approximately 34 gallons of water annually. Multiply that by several faucets or at a faster rate and the amount grows exponentially. Sometimes the water leak is not easy to detect or find.

Our Daily Green has a few hints to determining if there is a leak in your home:

  • Look around the outside of your house for unusual puddles or large wet spots. That may indicate a leak.
  • Study your water bills for any unusual spike in usage.
  • Know where your water meter is and look at the indicator to see if it is visibly moving.
  • When you know that your house will be empty for any amount of time (weekend or vacation) log the meter numbers. If it changes when you return, knowing there was no water used, you have a leak.
  • To determine if your toilet is leaking, put red food coloring in the tank and do not flush the toilet. Check periodically to see if the water in the bowl is red, which indicates a leak. 
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Lastly, if you find a water leak, or suspect one, contact a local plumbing professional. The money spent to fix the leak properly will pay for itself. 

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This post has been brought to you by industry professionals at vaughan plumber and plumbing scarborough. Nonetheless, our thoughts about a dripping faucet or leaky toilet are entirely our own, it's annoying and wasteful, but can be fixed. 

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