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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Houseplant care for the novice

photo courtesy of wikimedia commons
Over the years, Our Daily Green has received numerous houseplants as gifts. While we've had moderate success with outdoor plants, our indoor plants never seem to survive. Houseplants not only compliment any decor, several species also clean the air, removing indoor toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. But that only works if the plant thrives. Fortunately, we've just learned about a fascinating website with comprehensive information for anything houseplant related called

The first step towards a green thumb is to know what sort of plant you have. With a few clicks, you soon will know how to identify a houseplant a Within seconds, a full color, alphabetical directory of any sort of houseplant is at your fingertips. With over 100 different houseplant varieties listed in the Popular Houseplants section, the detailed descriptions make identification easy for anyone.

This site goes beyond identification. Once you identify the plant, you will find detailed care instructions as well as solutions for common problems that plant may have. Additionally, there is a dedicated section for houseplant selection, so you can choose a plant that will thrive whether your space has little, medium or abundant sunshine. You can also choose plants based on ease of care as well as size and toxicity. There are plants for any color thumb, but with this site, soon your thumb will turn green, as you will learn how to be a plant whisperer. There is even a way to sign up for watering reminders for your plants and a question and answer link if you cannot find the information you need on the site. With, you'll have the best houseplant for your lifestyle, climate, and expertise.

disclosure: This post has been brought to you by a sponsor, and Our Daily Green is really excited to learn more about houseplant care as a result! 

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