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Monday, July 13, 2009

Trash Separating Green

Our school has an ongoing fundraiser of collecting aluminum cans to repave the surface of the middle school track. I think this is a fabulous earth friendly and economical way to raise money. We have visible evidence that recycling pays literally right under our feet.

Another fundraiser that is active in many communities is today's twist on the old fashioned paper drive. Community bins that collect all types of paper and magazines can be found at this website, Paper Retriever. The money goes right to the organization that keeps the bin.

What if you live in a community that does not have such fundraisers? Why not save your cans for your own bank account? My father always said if you watch after your nickles the dollars take care of themselves, so this effortless recycling program can certainly add a little bit to your household bottom line.

Another possible avenue is the growing company, Recyclebank, where you receive rewards for recycling everything from cans to plastics to paper, either curbside or at recycling center kiosks. If your community supports RecycleBank, you can find yourself building rewards for major companies and retailers around the United States.

There are better things to do with your money than throw it away. Find a way to make your trash turn into cash.
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