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Friday, April 20, 2012

Backyard Chicken Coop Green

backyard chicken coops
Black Copper Maran
Backyard chicken raising is gaining in popularity and not just in rural areas. As consumers grow more concerned about commercially produced food, many folks are choosing to have their own chicken coops.

The benefits of free range eggs are well documented. Very few foods are a natural source of vitamin D but an egg laid by a chicken that spends time in the sunshine has as much as six times the vitamin D as a commercially raised egg. Chickens also eat bugs that can be harmful to a garden, so they serve as natural pest controllers.

Before buying any chickens,check with the local zoning board for ordinances regarding backyard chickens.  More and more municipalities are allowing chicken raising. Chickens also need safe shelter, a chicken coop. A coop should have 2-3 square feet per chicken and protect the chicken from the elements and predators. There are several available commercially or they can be built with simple plans. After legal issues and shelter are covered, it's relatively easy to get started. The actually has chickens for sale online and can be shipped safely anywhere in the United States.

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