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Monday, April 9, 2012

Reverse Graffiti Green

Reverse graffiti is an art concept of using leaving an image behind by wiping away grime instead of putting on paint. In its simplest form, reverse graffiti is writing "WASH ME" on the back of a dirty vehicle. Reverse graffiti has  evolved to an art form, made famous by British street artist, Moose.

Our Daily Green first learned of reverse graffiti through a contest sponsored by Green Works cleaner on Facebook.  They will choose one lucky entrant and fly them to Los Angeles, California to participate as an artist in their reverse graffiti "gallery". From the contest information: 
Reverse graffiti, or “clean tagging,” is a method of creating art by removing dirt and grime from a filthy surface. This unique art form taps into the Green Works mantra that cleaning can be beautiful. Thus, The Reverse Graffiti Gallery was born. 
We set out to find a dirty place in L.A. that needed some love. After searching hundreds of blocks, we found the perfect place. And on May 29th, we’ll use Green Works cleaning products to create unique pieces of art. 
But we’re not working alone. We’ve found the perfect artist to partner with—a true pioneer of the reverse graffiti method. Together we’re going to turn one grimy alley into an inviting and beautiful place for the community to enjoy. Be sure to check back on May 29th to see the work in progress!
reverse graffiti moose
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