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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organic Couponing

(This is an article that was originally written for another site, but they decided not to launch the site. It contains a lot of snippets of information we've posted in the past, but in one place. We hope this helps you find some ways to save green when you go green!) 

The popularity of extreme couponing shows tends to make a green and organic shopper wince just a little. It seems that the bulk of the coupons are for decidedly “ungreen” items, such as processed food, toxic cleaners, or over-packaged sample sized goods. For a shopper committed to an organic and environmentally responsible lifestyle, it can seem downright frustrating in addition to expensive. Furthermore, the perceived expense and lack of coupons for earth-friendly products can seem a real roadblock to adopting such a lifestyle.

That need not be the case. With a bit of commitment and education on how to find coupons, there are discounts available for all sorts of products that even the greenest consumer among us can appreciate.

Sometimes the coupons are as easy to find as the company website or Facebook page. In fact, coupon offers are frequently generated for Facebook fans only. To find a company website, look on their packaging or perform an internet search for the company name. We suggest setting up a separate email account for all couponing activity. Once a customer signs up for newsletters, they will receive frequent updates and coupons directly from the company.

Another excellent source of coupons is the coupon site, This site has a unique mission that benefits both nonprofit organizations as well as consumers. The first coupon gallery on their site is generally devoted to organic and natural items. At the time of publication, coupons for companies such as Alter Eco, Rising Moon Organics, and Woodstock were available. Additionally, CommonKindness will donate from 20-66% of the amount of the coupons printed to charities and causes of the consumers’ choice. There is no cost for the consumer or nonprofit to utilize the CommonKindness service.

A third and final recommendation for organic coupons is to follow sites that collate coupon news, such as Couponing101 or Renaissance Mama, which compile a weekly round-up column with many coupons for green and organic items.

Green shoppers need not be left out of the couponing mania. In keeping with the green theme, using the blank backside of old documents and papers to print the coupons will save on paper. Several sites also offer electronic codes and smart phone codes that do not require paper coupons at all. Many store loyalty cards will offer electronic checklists for items that automatically are deducted at the checkout with the store loyalty card. With a little research and diligence, even green shoppers can realize significant savings from coupon use. 
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