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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ten things to do during Screen Free Week

screen free weekThis week the Center for Commercial Free Childhood is promoting SCREEN FREE WEEK.

This is an opportunity to get away from the glowing boxes filled with advertisements, which range from subtle product placement to outright merchandising pleas. Television and the internet are a plethora of information, but often at a price. Increasingly, the youngest viewers among us are being marketed to with a greater frequency.

We suggest a number of activities that still will entertain and stimulate, but without the blatant commercial sponsorship. Like our friend Raffi, we believe that children should be honored, not considered advertising demographics to capture. (for the purposes of this blog, we shared local links, but also suggest a few minutes of search can help any reader find events in their own backyard). 

  1. Check out some of your local library events 
  2. Take a walk in a local park
  3. Find a musical performance, it is concert season for high school choirs and bands
  4. Live theater
  5. Cooking class
  6. Ride your bike
  7. Decorate t-shirts
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Gaze at clouds
  10. Make mud pies and get dirty
Those are only 10 of the ways to spend time that is not in front of a screen. 

What other ideas do you have for screen free week? 

for more information, find CCFC on either:

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