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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wizard of R's Green

The local middle school has an aluminum can recycling drive. While it's ongoing, every spring they roll out a new campaign. This year, the campaign is a Wizard of Oz (R's) theme. Here are some of the posters and displays they have decorating the school driveway.

The school is raising money with cans to repave the track. Their drive is nationally recognized, having won grants from the United States Conference of Mayors two years in a row, second place in 2011, and first place in 2010. Today, aluminum is $.81/pound. Depending on the gauge of the aluminum, it takes from 31 to 34 cans to make a pound of aluminum. Our students are really ambitious and Our Daily Green completely supports their initiative. Below are some of the posters the middle schoolers made. Good luck to the Canfield Village Middle School's 2012 Cans for Canfield Campaign!

Cans for Canfield

Recycling cans

ruby red slippers

recycling is courageous

aluminum recycling

wizard of oz

canfield village middle school

tin man

scarecrow yellow brick road

cans for canfield

recycling aluminum cans

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