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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Build it Green

Our Daily Green comes from the school of thought that saving energy is up there with saving dollars. In fact, growing up in the home of Papa Green, there was always one light too many on. He loved to insulate, turn off lights, and keep the thermostat at the lowest possible setting.

Several years ago, Papa built a new home in Florida. One of the most exciting parts of building his home was the amazing technology he used, the insulated concrete forms that he found to use as building material. They were guaranteed to keep him from spending unwanted dollars on heating or cooling as the construction of the forms was designed to insulate the home above and beyond simple insulation.

In the photo to the right, you'll notice the deep set windows. That is a result of how the forms are constructed. They are much like the popular children's building blocks that snap together to form a structure. Durisol is also energy efficient and superior to their ancestor that was made with Styrofoam as the impact on the environment during production is minimal.The blocks are soundproof, fireproof, impact resistant, healthy and termite proof.

Indoor air quality is not a concern because Durisol does not use polystyrene, but instead utilizes a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that has only natural ingredients of specially graded recycled waste wood (100% clean, natural softwood lumber).

If you are considering building green, we highly recommend doing some research on the insulated concrete forms on the market.

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