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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Green Can Recycling

In many places, recycling is not mandatory. While recycling isn't always financially profitable, it still is beneficial. The Green Can out of Tampa, Florida, has found a way to correct this social issue and help others at the same time.
The Green Can, Recycling Service
The Green Can offers free recycling to apartment/condo complexes and businesses and then donates all the proceeds to local charities. This philanthropic endeavor is financed by advertising or sponsorship money.

Shopping locally is one of the easiest ways to financially support your own neighborhood as well as the the environment. The difficulty here is knowing what businesses are options for your needs locally.

In an age of DVR, junk mail, spam, and decreasing popularity of print newspapers, small businesses have a difficult time competing for consumer dollars. Trying to actually reach the people nearest the business has become the most difficult and most important issue for a small business.

The decline in the economy has impacted almost everyone except the large multinational corporations. Charities have been hard hit by the financial downturn, small businesses are feeling the squeeze and justifying additional expenses for something like recycling is not financially justified. The Green Can addresses those problems.

They offer free delivery of their proprietary containers that are designed specially as a functioning ground level billboard that is made in the USA out of recycled plastic. When it is full, The Green Can picks up the materials and changes out the 100% reusable liner that is made by hand in the USA. They donate the full amount of the value of the recycled materials to local charities.

What funds the whole program is advertising placed on the outside of the containers. The cost to the advertiser is less than the price of mailing a letter to each resident. The cost per view is 3X cheaper than Google. You can’t fast forward past our advertising, you can't throw it away, change the channel or log off. It is exposure that cannot be ignored. 

The Green Can began in Tampa, Florida on March 1, 2012. In 6 months, they recycled over 150,000 aluminum cans and several thousand pounds of plastic. They just crossed the 9 month mark and have recycled over 250,000 aluminum cans and many tons of plastic.

To learn more about their mission, follow them on Facebook or see their website
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