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Friday, December 14, 2012

Do you have what it takes to be a Food Patriot?

Food Patriots FilmOur Daily Green recently had the opportunity to learn about a new documentary film, Food Patriots. The brainchild behind the film is award winning film producer, Jeff Spitz and his wife Jennifer Amdur Spitz.

The Spitz family has spent the past 2 1/2 years chronicling their (mis) adventures towards making healthier more sustainable food choices.

Our Daily Green had the opportunity to catch up with Jeff Spitz for some additional insight. He laughed as he explained that as a sports family, food was always just something they ate as frequently and in as large a quantity as possible. It was something to fill the stomachs of active athletes in his family, but something that thinking about too much was just not anything he considered. His wife was the driving force behind any healthy diet choices, beginning when they were dating in college and she took him to farmer's markets and the sort, but he really was just trying to politely accept her overtures as much as possible.

His son was in high school and suffered a food borne illness that was resistant to antibiotics which was the impetus behind their family transformation. Their film Food Patriots is the story of a family as well as their personal communities rethinking how and what they eat. They have involved the University of Wisconsin's athletic department where according to Jeff, Madison, WI has become a sort of "mecca for food patriots". They recently filmed a promotional spot in the Badgers' locker room for the film.

The film has a unique, humorous approach. The Spitz family chronicles their foibles with laughter and humility. The segment with their backyard chicken adventure is delightful. Wonderfully absent is the preachy approach to organic eating that can be such a turn off to families who want to make a change but find it overwhelming. In fact, Food Patriots is hoping to reach an audience that is "beginning to wonder what the connection between health and food and how anyone can take that first step" but isn't sure where to start. Our Daily Green is thrilled to discover a reasonable approach to healthy eating from a real family. We are invited into their world and path to discovery.

This film has not yet been released, they are in the funding stages. We would love to be among the first to screen it and we need your help. Food Patriots is looking for volunteers nationwide to start conversations about food that inspire everyone to make a 10% change in the way they buy, eat and talk about food.

They have a Kickstarter campaign for the film and you can contribute as little as $1. But for $75, you can receive a signed movie poster, a personal copy of the DVD and a t-shirt. There are sponsorship opportunities available for every budget. Hurry, they are in the last 6 days of their campaign. If you want to see this movie released, even if you cannot contribute dollar, please share this post via social media channels.

Stay in touch with their mission on Facebook and Twitter

GOOD LUCK Jeff and Jennifer! 

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