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Monday, December 17, 2012

Why an energy audit may help you save money

As the new year approaches, homeowners are assessing their annual budgets and finding ways to save around the home. One of the first ways to save is utilities and Many potential areas to save are not visible to the untrained eye and can only be found through a professional energy audit using professional equipment.

Phoenix energy audit
A typical audit has several state of the art tests that examine different areas around the house. The blower door test determines the amount of heating or cooling leaks as well as the location. A room pressure test assesses imbalances between rooms while the air handler is running which is a sign of potential duct problems that lead to poor ventilation and temperature differences between the rooms.  A pressure pan test look for duct leaks in the ventilation system and locates  the leak. This test can provide tremendous energy conservation opportunities. Infrared imaging uses an infrared camera to see the inefficiencies with the home's thermal barrier, offering another opportunity for improvement.

By using a professionally trained auditor, the typical homeowner has the opportunity to find out where the real energy losses are throughout their home, as opposed to a less specific approach. An energy audit offers homeowners the chance to target their individual home's problem areas and reduce inefficiency. Often the return on the investment is well worth the price of a professional audit.

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