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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating Green this Holiday Season

Decorating Green for the HolidaysAs much fun as it is to decorate for the holiday season, doing it in a way that is energy conscious and efficient makes it a bit more challenging. With so many different ways and ideas to show your holiday spirit, it is easy to get ahead of yourself with decorations, lights, and so much more. Finding a way to be decorative and stay energy efficient may be tricky, but here are some tips to help with the process.

The most popular decoration is lighting. They come in all colors, sizes, and shapes so it’s easy to get a little overboard. But that amount of lighting, wrapped around your tree, maybe even your home, can sky rocket your electricity bills. LED lights can replace the incandescent strings of lights we typically use during holiday season. These lights can be found at Home Depot or Wal-Mart, among other popular stores.

Even if you decide to use normal lights this season, try to cut down on the time they are on. By setting a timer, this can cut almost half of the energy use and even helps cut down the risk of fire, since the bulbs tend to get very hot. Leaving them burning all night long can be avoided easily with the light timer.

As important as the tree is, buying a smaller one or choosing to dispose the extra pieces can help be green. By purchasing a smaller tree, you have less to recycle when you finally decide to take it down. If you decide you are ready to get rid of the tree, bring it to a chipping factory or maybe even plant it in your backyard so it can be a constant Christmas memory!

Around the states that have sunny bright Christmas months, fake snow is used. This can really be unsafe for not only the environment but for animals as well. While it’s nice to have to really make it feel like holiday time, other things can be used to replicate. Find some natural materials to replace the fake snow.

To bring a new spin to your Christmas tree and even do something good for the planet, try using recycled ornaments. Homemade ornaments are usually the most special, but try turning a piece of artwork into something new that everyone can enjoy. You’ll make the kids happy and your planet happy too. For those homes that not only put presents under the tree, but use empty presents as decoration, consider using less wrapping paper and more craft paper. The wrapping paper rarely is reusable and can end up not being recycled.

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